Parade Saturday January 18th, 2014

Assembly time starts 11am to 1240pm; Parade starts 1pm promptly (Numbers assigned below!!!!)



The parade route is approximately 1.2 miles – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

The parade begins promptly at 1:00 p.m. at the intersection of Wheeler Street and Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd in historic downtown Plant City and proceeds east straight down Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd.

The parade route ends at the Plant City MLK Recreation Center next to Marshall Middle School. 

Recommended viewing areas are Evers Street, Collins and Palmer at the beginning of the parade route allowing quick exit to parallel streets to get to end of parade route area after the parade.  There is seating at the Plant City MLK Recreation Center next to the announcement table at the fence area border Marshall Gym.



IN FRONT OF TECO ADMINISRATION BUILDING- Parade Organizers will be at the corner of Wheeler Street and MLK Jr. Blvd to direct parade participants on line-up placement as well as strolling along the MLK Blvd.

IMPORTANT NOTE- This year the parade participants will be lining up along BOTH sides of MLK Blvd between Wheeler back to Waller (former sporting goods store). This shortens the length of parade participants lining along MLK Blvd.

BANDS!!! Be mindful that last minute withdrawals or changes in spacing may occur to ensure proper distancing of marching bands so that they won't over lay each other's sounds.

Candy and beads can be distributed and must be purchased. We do not provide candy.



The grass parking areas at the corner of Park Road and MLK Jr. Blvd (baseball fields) are designated pick up areas at the conclusion of the parade.  Entry going south on Park Road and making a “right” turn on MLK Jr. Blvd is recommend.  (Coming from Hwy 92)



There will be a carnival midway with rides, food and vendors at the Plant City MLK Recreation Center along with entertainment.


Yes you can distribute and toss out candy and beads!!!!!!


2014 Theme "Charity; the Catalyst the Dream"


      NUMBER                  UNIT/NAME                                                                        TYPE
       1                           PLANT CITY PD                                        MOTORCYCLES
       2                           HONOR GUARD                                                     WALKERS
       3                           PARADE MARSHALL-STINGRAY                   CAR
       4                           STRAWBERRY CREST                                        BAND#1
       5                           CITY OFFICIAL                                                     CAR
       6                           CITY OFFICIAL                                                     CAR
       6b                         CITY OFFICIAL                                                     CAR
       6c                         PLANT CITY PARKS & REC                              CAR
       7                           FIRE DEPARTMENT                                            TRUCK
       8                           COUNTY                                                                  CAR
       9                           IMPROVEMENT LEAGUE                                  FLOAT
       9b                         PLANT CITY EAGLES                                         WALKERS
       9c                         TRUE DIVAS SOCIAL CLUB                                          CAR/WALK
       10                         STRAWBERRY CREST JROTC                         WALKERS
       11                         GOSPEL M.E.T.S.                                                   VAN              
       12                         CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                              CAR
       13                         PLANT CITY HIGH SCHOOL                             BAND#2
       14                         P.C.H.S GENTLEMEN QUEST                            WALKERS
       15                         LADIES OF DISTINCTION (Turkey Creek)      CAR
       16                         PATRIOTS TWIRLING CORPS                          WALKERS
       17                         ANTIOCH                                                                 VAN
       18                         LADIES OF LEISURE                                           CAR
       19                         BETHEL CHURCH                                                            VAN
       20                         KALEIDOSCOPE KIDS L.C.                                CAR
       21                         NEW TESTAMENT OUTREACH CHURCH    CAR
       22                         TOMLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                BAND#3
       23                        TOMLIN GENTLEMEN’S QUEST                     WALKERS
       24                         PC MASONS                                                                        CAR
       24b                       EXQUISITELY PEB                                               CAR/WALK
       25                         HENRY BAKER/CHOCOLATE THUNDER     CAR
       26                         SISTER OF SARAH CHAPTER OES#76                        CAR
       27                         GOOD FELLAZ MOTORCYCLE CLUB                       BIKES
       28                         PLANT CITY COLTS                                            WALKERS
       29                         ALPHA COUGAR OMEGA STEP                       WALKERS
       30                         DURANT HIGH SCHOOL                                     BAND#4       
       31                         FELTONS                                                                 VAN
       31B                      PALM BEACH STEP TEAM                                WALKERS
       32                         HCSO BLACK ADVISORY                                  CAR
       33                         POSSE CORVETTES                                             *******
       34                         ******30 CARS*****
       35                         TAMPA BAY CLEANING LLC (plus walkers)  TRUCK
       36                         CLASS OF 1971 (3 VEHICLES)                            CAR
       37A                      CLASS OF 1971 *added                                          CAR      
       37B                      CLASS OF 1971 *added                                          CAR
       38                         MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL                         BAND#5
       39                         GENTLEMEN’S QUEST (MARSHALL)                        WALKERS
       40                         MT MORIAH M.B. CHURCH                               VAN
       41                         ST. MARY BAPTIST CHURCH                           VAN
       42                         ST LUKE CHURCH                                               VAN
       43                         JUDGE CANDIDATE SCIONTO                         CAR
       44                         TURKEY CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOL               BAND#6
       45                         GREATER NEW HOPE ANOINTED MIN.       CAR
       45b                       GREATER NEW HOPE ANOINTED MIN.       VAN
       46                         CLASS OF ’81 (mackey- still didn’t recvd)            CAR
       47                         94.1 RADIO                                                               VAN
       48                         LIBERTY TAX                                                        CAR
       49                                                                                                             XXX
       50                                                                                                             XXX
       51                         COWBRO COWBOYS                                           HORSES


Any last minute entries will go in front of placement 47 (94.1 radio)



Plant City Bing House Museum

The Bing Rooming House Museum is committed to preserving the history of the local African American community, educating the general public about the experiences encountered by African Americans during the era of segregation, and sharing the role of the Plant City community in overcoming the stigma of segregation.


Improvement League of Plant City, Inc.